Innovation and sustainability in civil and sovereign aviation

It's no longer just a vision. Hybrid solutions in aircraft construction are becoming a reality. Machines with cost-effective electric propulsion will replace those with conventional propulsion

With our three business units Delivery (Jedsy), Regional Reconnaissance (Whisper) and Long Range
Reconnaissance/Passenger/Large Load Transport (Explorer), we offer a comprehensive portfolio of
solutions that are brought to market through our sales offices in Germany, Dubai, Mexico and Ghana. Our
goal is to set new market standards for existing and new applications in civil and government aviation and
to meet the requirements of the new “green” aircraft industry

EAMD stands for change in aviation technology

We develop customized industry applications. For example, for the healthcare sector, the mining industry, pipeline monitoring, port or border security, environmental research and much more. Our focus is on the customer's needs

As an internationally operating company, EAMD recruits from the innovative middle class in Europe and unites
them under one roof with institutions of European research. With our hybrid aircraft, we offer a sustainable
replacement for machines with previously common propulsion technology, while at the same time significantly
reducing operating costs

Our Products


Unique delivery drone for up to 3 kg load, bidirectional use


Regional monitoring/exploration and data collection, commercial and sovereign


For medium and higher altitude with
long endurance, (larger loads, people)
commercial and sovereign


In the area of logistics, it’s all about fast sustainable
deliveries in both directions. This applies to the
healthcare sector for medical emergencies as well as for the transport of blood samples or medicines. But also small technical devices or special tools of various
industries find their way quickly to their destination.


Remote sensing tasks include sovereign
applications, border surveillance and
protection, port security, disaster prevention,
support of police tasks, and monitoring of
industrial facilities.

Environment and Research

Remote sensing is also becoming increasingly important in areas such as climate change, pollution, illegal waste disposal, wildlife census, and restoration/reforestation.


Surveillance and reconnaissance also play an
increasingly important role in road transport,
pipelines, agriculture and fisheries.